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Women of the Reich, Ilse Koch. by SS-Standartenfuhrer Women of the Reich, Ilse Koch. by SS-Standartenfuhrer

Women of the Reich, Ilse Koch. by SS-Standartenfuhrer

/ ©2013-2016 SS-Standartenfuhrer
This beautiful woman is Ilse Koch.

Along with being one of the most beautiful women of the Reich, she's arguably one of the most lied about too.
I have done a tremendous amount of research on her and I've never found an unbiased account of her story anywhere. That's why I'm going to do one here because her story is one that is very sad and the "standard" story of her life is one that is demonizing. No matter the evidence available today that exonerates her of all wrong doing entirely, the stories told of her are still false and her given moniker "the bitch of Buchenwald" still remains.

Ilse Koch was married to Karl Koch. Karl Koch was the camp commandant of the Buchenwald labor camp. History portrays Ilse as an evil witch who loved nothing more than tattooed human flesh from Jews. Given her status as the wife of the camp commandant, she had complete access to obtain the skin that she so desired.
Before the Jews would be sent to their extermination, Ilse would line up those who had interesting tattoos so their skin could be removed and used for lampshades, book bindings and put into picture frames. History also accuses her of many other grotesque crimes but the most common are the lampshades made of Jewish flesh.
After the war Ilse was arrested to stand trial for her crimes. By the time of her trial Ilse was noticeably pregnant. History claims that she had seduced one of her guards with her evil powers. Ilse never admitted or confessed to the crimes of which she was accused, she committed suicide in her cell some years after sentencing.

That is the standard story of Ilse Koch and no matter how many searches one conducts, that is the only one they'll find. They may find ones as I have that simply tell the same tale with only minor changes in the time span of her arrest, trial and suicide. The human tattooed flesh of Jews still remains a constant.
Today it is widely known that every single piece of "physical evidence" from Buchenwald that was used during the Nuremberg trials was fabricated completely.
All of it was. The human skin lampshades, shrunken heads, pelvic ashtrays, soap made from the fat of murdered Jews, all of it was entered as evidence by the Allied prosecutors and all of it was a lie. Despite the fact of how ridiculous this all seemed back then, no matter how unbelievable, this false evidence was still enough to garner death sentences and life imprisonment. Now that the world knows today what it didn't know then we still haven't heard any formal or public apology. Not even an "oops, we really screwed that one up!" Here is what really happened to Ilse Koch...

Yes Ilse was the wife of Buchenwald camp commandant Karl Koch and that's the only truth in the standard story, everything that follows after are lies. There still persists today this insane belief that the claims made by the Jewish inmates were entirely ignored back then. That no matter what they said or who they said it to made no difference. After all they were there to be abused and killed, that was "the plan", so why would anyone of any importance listen to them let alone repeat it!
Well the truth is that whenever rumors began to circulate about cruelty to inmates those claims were in fact investigated. Even camp commandants had superiors that they reported to. During the same time frame in which Ilse was allegedly having the skins peeled from inmates, an investigation was underway in the camp.
The investigation wasn't about Ilse's supposed activities. It was about several allegations involving her husband, allegations regarding the embezzlement of inmate's money and valuables as well as allegations involving maltreatment of inmates in Buchenwald. The investigation was conducted by Konrad Morgen, an SS judicial official assigned with investigating any and all claims of SS corruption and murder. After his investigation of Buchenwald, which included interviews with camp inmates and guards along with physical evidence, Konrad Morgen had Karl Koch arrested on charges of both murder and corruption. Karl Koch stood trial in an SS court where he was found guilty of his charges and executed. This information is extremely important because it proves that...

1. Claims regarding mistreatment and murder by camp inmates were not only heard but investigated by the SS fully.

2. The investigation of Buchenwald and it's commandant was conducted during the time it was said that Ilse was collecting human skin from the prisoners. If this claim were true You'd be certain that Konrad Morgen would've heard about it.

Ilse Koch was arrested after the investigation but not on charges of killing inmates for their skin. She was charged with aiding her husband in corruption. She was found not guilty by "lack of evidence" and mainly because she didn't commit any crimes. This arrest and prosecution was done by the SS. After her trial in 1944 and her husband's execution, Ilse went back to live with her family in Ludwigsburg. There she was arrested (again) by U.S. authorities on 30 June 1945.

Ilse Koch along with many others were arraigned before the American military court at Dachau in 1947. This time she was charged with "participating in a criminal plan for aiding, abetting and participating in the murders at Buchenwald." It was during this trial that she was visibly pregnant. According to Allied reports that claimed Ilse was very promiscuous and had several sexual affairs with different guards and inmates at Buchenwald because her husband was a homosexual.
Already you can see a "story" emerging that fits everything the Allies need to maintain the false accusation that Ilse was not just evil but a harlot as well.
The major problem with this allegation of Ilse's promiscuity is the fact that she was being kept in isolation with no contact with any men except the American interrogators, most of whom were Jewish. Today standard history claims that Ilse was in love with one of her captors and that they carried out their romantic affair in secret. The truth is that there was no "romantic affair" going on and this event in her life was not anything similar to some sort of movie about love against all odds. Ilse Koch was raped. She was raped repeatedly by her Jewish American captors in her isolated cell while she was standing trial for bogus crimes.
On 19 August 1947, she was sentenced to life imprisonment for "violation of the laws and customs of war". (Whatever that means.)

In 1949 Ilse was arrested (again!) and tried before a West German court on charges of incitement to murder, incitement to attempted murder, and incitement to the crime of committing grievous bodily harm, She was convicted and on January 15, 1951 she was sentenced to life imprisonment and permanent forfeiture of her civil rights. Despite her appeals, petitions for pardon and protests to her life sentence, the court maintained it's ruling. A ruling reached by numerous eye witness testimonies and their claims of seeing and participating in the removal of skin to make lampshades. No physical evidence what so ever, no transcripts from the SS court trial, just eye witness testimony.

Ilse Koch committed suicide in Aichach women's prison by hanging herself in 1967; she was 60 years old.

It's also important to note that when alleged crimes at Buchenwald were brought up during the Nuremberg trials, A most important witness who could've blown the prosecution's case completely to hell was intentionally being held in prison to prevent his testimony from destroying the prosecution's ground work on creating the myth that was Buchenwald. This crucial witness was none other than Konrad Morgen. After the stage had already been set by the prosecution that portrayed Buchenwald as a death camp and after a long holiday break in the trial that allowed the American prosecutor to return home for a visit with his family, Konrad Morgen was called to testify. Even though Konrad's following testimony regarding Buchenwald...

"The prisoners were healthy, normally fed, sun-tanned, working … The installations of the camp were in good order, especially the hospital. The camp authorities, under the Commander Diester, aimed at providing the prisoners with an existence worthy of human beings. They had regular mail service. They had a large camp library, even books in foreign languages. They had variety shows, motion pictures, sporting contests and even had a brothel. Nearly all the other concentration camps were similar to Buchenwald."

The fictional backdrop of Buchenwald as a death camp still held as it does today. Despite the knowledge of facts about Konrad Morgen, an SS judicial official who From July 1943 until the end of the war, investigated some 800 cases of corruption and murder within the SS, which resulted in about 200 trials and the arrests of Five concentration camp commanders two of them were shot. For example, Buchenwald commandant Karl Koch who was executed by the SS for corruption and murder. Against all of this evidence people still believe that Buchenwald was a death camp and that Ilse Koch was "the bitch of Buchenwald."

Ilse Koch has been the topic of many films and books, most recently while I was searching for more information about her I happened across a book report done by a high school student. This student said that she composed her report, one that she received an A for, from information she obtained on the internet. After reading her report I noticed that her version of Ilse Kochs' story was just as equally fraudulent as the standard version and those from the movies. It begs to be asked "what if this student received factual information about Ilse Koch?" Would she still have got an A on her report? Would she have changed opinions about Ilse Koch?

I didn't write all of the above in order for future students to have access to the facts. I wrote it for Ilse Koch and her innocence. Ilse Koch has suffered more than enough in her life and after. From all of the factual evidence available today I will not accept or bother to read any accounts that still cling to the fallacy that is "the bitch of Buchenwald."
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OffizierHashem Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I think the "official" story about her has a gypsy-horror theme, maybe because she was so beautiful.

SS-Standartenfuhrer Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I agree.
DasBlondeBiest Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Wow; thanks for doing all of this. It's really interesting!

Irma Grese had a lot of negative publicity too. The English don't like admitting that she is the youngest person to ever be executed under modern English common law.
SS-Standartenfuhrer Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You're most welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes, there's a lot of things the English hate admitting.
Imagine all the progress we could begin making if the Allied countries would just admit and own up to all their wrong doing! I'm more than sure that its at the point now where if they did people wouldn't believe it.
DasBlondeBiest Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
The one thing that I've found interesting is that the Germans have always been upfront about what they've done, although of course we know now that much of these accusations against them are embroidered truths or outright lies. But I mean, when soldiers would go wild or bad things would happen, at least they would not lie about it.

But the allies refuse to ever admit that they've done anything wrong. It's really quite amazing that they are so pure and holy and saintly that they've never once done anything they shouldn't have,lol.
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